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Sometimes you can’t be who you want to be. Sometimes you have to settle for who you are. - Cruz Coronado, The Nebula Secret

This series follows the story-line of Cruz Coronado. It is recommended for ages 8-12, but you can read it if you are older or younger.
Explorer, be warned.

There are spoilers ahead. Please do not continue reading if you haven't read Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret yet.

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Cruz Coronado, the main character of the Explorer Academy series (art by Scott Plumbe)

The cover to The Dragon's Blood, the sixth book in the series (art by Antonio Javier Caparo)

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The Explorer Academy series revolves around twelve year old Cruz Coronado. From Hawaii, he flies to Explorer Academy, an elite training school for the next generation of explorers started by a group of people called the Society. There, he discovers a lot of secrets regarding his history and secrets about his mother, who worked in the Synthesis, the Society’s secret place for science. He makes friends and discovers that there are people who are out to get him. He endeavors to learn more about his past and at the same time hopes to win the North Star, a prestigious award given to the Explorer who shows the most promise by the end of the year.

Before his mother died, she was a scientist and a founding member of the Synthesis. A drug company named Nebula Pharmaceuticals funded his mother's research. However, she accidentally makes a groundbreaking discovery while researching and experimenting with animal venoms. She had made a serum that had the ability to regenerate human cells. This meant that the serum could cure virtually any sickness or disease. However, Nebula ordered her to destroy the serum, because the last thing that a drug company wants is for humanity to not need the drugs they sell. She agrees under pressure. However, before she destroys the formula, she engraves it onto a disk of black marble, splits the stone into 8 pieces, and hides them across the globe. Now Cruz and his friends must find all 8 pieces, without getting killed by Nebula spies.

Can he find all the pieces before Nebula gets him once and for all?

So far, six out of seven books in the Explorer Academy series have been released, the most recent being The Dragon's Blood. The seventh book, The Forbidden Island, will be released in the fall of 2022.

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